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Discipline & Student Leadership


Every Damaian a self-disciplined leader who serve with SPARKs


To cultivate self-discipline and develop students to be service leaders with values


Student Leadership Programmes:
Term 1: 
Prefect Investiture
Student Leadership training (1)
Term 2:
Prefect Workshop
Design for Change
Term 3:
Teachers’ Day Celebration
Student Leadership training (2)
Term 4:
Prefect Appreciation


Prefect Investiture’2019
To introduce our prefects for the year 2019, our Head Prefect, Leadra led the Prefect Executive Committee to recite the Prefect Pledge to pledge to be role models of the school and uphold the school values and rules!
Design for Change ‘2019
A group of selected prefects embarked on a journey to discover the ‘I CAN!’ spirit and the design thinking process of ‘Feel, Imagine, Do and Share’ worked on meaningful projects to bring and inspire changes in the school community! Ranging from sharing tips on managing stress to reducing food waste, this project shows that you are never too young to make a change in the community!
Prefect Workshop’2019
What’s a better way to understand teamwork and build friendship than playing a game of Nerf War? The prefects went through a meaningful and fun session of Nerf War to discover teamwork and planning strategies and at the same time, making friends within and across the levels!