Insert Jan 2018 Memo
- Shift all the 2017 memo to History of school website
- Update Teachers and classes detail
- Replace Jan 2018 Memo to a new one
- Insert 2018 Gallery, Add in "First day of school" and "Road Safety"
- Updated School information in General information, rules, uniform and contact us.
- Updated Sexual Education page and home page
- Updated Announcement for P1 Parent's brief and update all the slide for P1 Parent briefing.
- Updated Jan Memo again
- Tidied QuickLink
- Updated School Sem 1 Calendar
- Corrected some names of the class
- Add 'P5 Buddy' in 2018 gallery
- Add 'P1 INvestiture' in 2018 gallery
- INsert New 2018 Timetable