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Environmental Club

We aim to nurture and develop Damai pupils into environmental champions with a passion to improve the environment within and beyond the school. 
We work with partners such as NEA, NParks and North-East CDC to carry out programmes that will bring about positive environmental impact on the school and community.  


A community of young environmentalist


To build a clean, green and healthy environment for Damaians

Highlights for 2016

Damai Primary School has received the Lotus Achievement Award (1st tier) in the SEC-Star Hub School Green Awards (SGA) in 2016. The award is administered by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) and sponsored by Star Hub. 

The SGA is aimed at educating and inspiring learners of all ages on issues such as waste minimisation, resource conservation and the greening of the school grounds. 

2016 is the first year in which Damai Primary School has received the Lotus Achievement Award. The attainment of this award greatly affirmed our school’s overall and collaborative efforts for moving in the right direction in terms of resource conservation and waste management as a school of care, specifically for the environment.

Community Programmes in 2017

Food Digester
Environmental Club pupils helms the food digester and composting programme. This is part of a school-wide effort to tackle food waste, with Environmental Club pupils guiding their peers on the importance of not wasting food.

Pupils helps to collect food waste such as fruit peels from the canteen and using food waste for composting to provide fertiliser for use in the Science garden. Pupils also promote awareness on food wastage by designing posters which are placed around the school.  
2017 food digester (1).png 2017 food digester.jpg 2017 food digester (2).jpg 2017 food digester (1).jpg

Environmental Club pupils help to spread awareness to their peers on the  toxic substances  present in electronic waste and the impact on its improper disposal which can lead to serious pollution and health problems. As there are few avenues to properly dispose of electronic waste, the Environmental Club has set up an electronic waste recycling corner and are encouraging their peers to bring electronic waste from their homes to the school for disposal. 

Litter picking

2016 Caption_Poster made by Environmental Champions.jpg
Pupils team up and participate in a clean-up activity in the neighbourhood outside the school in collaboration with partners such as NE CDC to promote anti-littering awareness. 
litterpicking (1).jpg litterpicking (2).jpg

Recycling programme
All classes are involved in weekly recycling. The Environmental Club members help to prepare recycling boxes for the class recycling efforts. Environmental Club members help to advocate and encourage their classmates to participate actively in the school’s recycling effort.