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Rope Skipping

Rope skipping is an exciting sport that is offered only in some primary schools in Singapore. Damai Primary School is very privileged to be one of the few schools to offer Rope Skipping as a CCA to our students. 

During every training session, students will be given the opportunity to train with the various types of ropes such as long rope and speed rope.  They will also learn the various skipping skills. Students will be given opportunities to represent Damai Primary School for competitions and performances.  We welcome all students who are keen in skipping to join the Rope Skipping CCA in 2017. 

2017 Students training during CCA.jpg
Students training during CCA
2017 Students listening attentively to Coach Rama.jpgStudents listening attentively to Coach Rama
 2017 Junior Girls doing Double Dutch.jpg
Junior Girls doing Double Dutch
2017 rope skipping 1.jpg2017 rope skipping 2.jpg
 2017 rope skipping 3.jpg
 2017 rope skipping 4.jpg