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Every student an inquiry learner, self-directed and shows care for the environment.


To engage our students by instilling healthy curiosity and a spirit of inquiry, equipping them with knowledge and skills and, imbuing in them the commitment to care for the environment.


Damai Primary School strives to provide our students with authentic learning experiences to generate their interests in Science and hence, build a strong foundation in the subject and achieve excellence. Our teachers build on their learners’ natural curiosity and provide ample opportunities for them to explore Science. Students are engaged in hands-on activities where they learn to develop the necessary skills and processes and understand themselves and their environment better.

Key Science Programme:

P3 Every Child a Seed Prog by NParks
P4  Life Cycle of Mealworms project 
P5 The Water Cycle (Investigative Case-based Learning)
P6  Environment Champions!

Enrichment Lesson at Science Centre:

P1 Lower Primary Sci Programme (STELLAR) The Grasshopper and the Ant
 P2 Lower Primary Sci Programme (STELLAR) The Enormous Watermelon 
 P3 Materials @ Work (Investigative hands-on)
 P4 Light (Investigative hands-on) 
 P5 Genes and Our Traits (DNA Lab) 
P6 Leaf Litter Community (Hands-on)

ICT-Enabled Lesson

Teachers leverage on ICT tools to teach Science topics and build in the students, skills in doing self-directed research. ICT tools used by the teachers also help to incorporate elements of independent and collaborative learning.

Learn @ Science Centre

The P4 students had a great hands-on session at the Light Enrichment Workshop where they learnt about refection, refraction, colours of the rainbow and shadow. They worked collaboratively in groups to conduct a few experiments designed to help them explore concepts related to Light and Shadow.