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Student Care Centre

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The name Big Heart represents SHGSCL’s vision of “Inspiring Minds and Touching Hearts” by creating an inclusive education where students of all backgrounds feel welcomed, accepted and are given equal opportunities to learn and contribute back to society.
Beyond academic knowledge, Big Heart Student Care aims to instill and inculcate the right values in our students from a young age as this will shape the paths that they take in future. With this in mind, we ensure that our company and staff live by the I.CARE core values.

I stands for Integrity, C for Compassion, A for Adaptability, R for Responsibility and E for Excellence.

Big Heart Student Care’s mission is to provide quality and affordable after-school care services to support the holistic development of our students through a professional, committed and compassionate team, in partnership with parents, schools and the community.

Big Heart Student Care aims to:

1) provide homely and conducive after-school care environment for students
2) complement MOE in providing educational and developmental support to the students
3) reach out to students from less advantaged backgrounds and their families to provide holistic and family-centric assistance.

Term 1 Programme Updates

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