• Add in more detail for demolition page

• Edit school uniform and bookstore page
• Replace Mdm Azlin photo
• Insert new Nov Memo
• Add in new photo in gallery

• Update school  announcement - resumption of afternoon programs  
• Update school calendar
• Insert Principal's Memo for Oct
• Add in "Children's Day Celebration" in Gallery
• Update on the Sexuality Education
• Update the announcement for school uniform and bookstore page

• Update the calendar of event in the main page
• Add in Clean-up and Teachers' Day Celebration photos in gallery page
• Add in Rope Skipping and Motivation Talk in Gallery
• Update Rope Skipping CCA with pictures 
• Update Calendar of event in the main page - with PSLE dates
• Insert a New Page for September Memo
• Lock P1, P2 and P3 Holistic pages
• Rename Library Week to English Week in Gallery, and remove six pictures
• Hide LLP announcement and Add in P4 Subject-based banding for parents
• Add haze announcement and Parents' notification  
• Remove haze announcement
• Add cancellation of activities announcement for 29 sep 2015

• Add in Lego Building activity in Gallery
• Remove untrained teachers
• Update of Calender
• Update of Sed page
• Update of Calender of Event - Add in P6 Prelim dates
• Add in National Celebration in Gallery
• Update New Damai Uniform in Uniform Page with name tag
• Add in new banner for Padlet
• Add in new pages for padlets ( link )
• Change some pages into single layout
• Add in P2 Pal Program and P4 VIA in gallery

• Update P2 LJ Science Centre in Gallery
• Update new teachers pictures
• Update 3 Master plans in June memo for Parents Notification 
• Add in LLP, PAL, STELLAR pages under School Experience 
• Update P1 & 2 Pal Visual and Performing Arts pages with pictures
• Update School Sexuality Education page - changes of date 
• Update July Memo and Hari Raya Early Dismissal  
• Insert a write-up for PAL 
• Remove one of the announcement and add in new announcement for LLP 
• Hide STELLAR Page, waiting for more detail  
• Small changes for SEd page 
• Improvise with the upcoming events under calendar at the main page 
• Add new Damai uniform in uniform page 
• Update more events in gallery page 
• Update Upcoming events for August first two weeks 
• August Memo is uploaded 

• Update Achievement page with detail and information
• Removed  and replaced teachers in school website
• Update School crest colour
• Update calendar for term 3 & 4
• Update Tamil Department program
• Update School website announoment  for P1 Registration for 2016
• Update of School Memo and calendar
• Update CCA teachers in CCA page
• Add in a new page "Malay Activities" for Malay department

• Fill in School Values page with nicely decorated design
• Change the Defense to Defence 
• Update May Notification
• Edit the announcement in Damai Website 
• Update Malay Mother Tongue webpage with Mother Tongue Fiesta
• Update Newsletter to Parent’s notification 
• Update The website announcement 

• Update School Calendar – include PSLE dates
• Update School announcements for Meet the parents session
• Update school gallery with new events and pictures
• Update school website on SEd detail and Exco members
• Update the SEd detail due to it is not updated if named under the same file name.
• Update the SEd page by adding ‘8’

• Updating school staff photos
• Remove Sheya picture from the school website, replace a better version 
• Add Learnlogy quick link in school website 
• Put the powerpoint slide and Memo from principal on the school website
• Add in Miss Lai Hui Ming photo in the school website
• Correct the name of P6 camp to P5 camp in gallery 
• Upload and update the gallery page
• Remove two teachers from the FAJT
• Create a page for Mr Lee Kuan Yew
• Add in Mr LKY in Mrs Neufeld’s Meet the Parents powerpoint slides
• Make 2 links under Useful links for parents

• update the school website for the assembly.
• Insert a New link under useful links for parents
• Make a photo collage for PSG page about their first meeting
• Update SAC members’ name  in school website 
• Update Homework Policy in school website
• Update the Feb notification for school website
• Update Total Defence Day and School gallery
• Update CNY & P2 LJ photos in school Gallery
• Update the movement of staff in school website


• Change all the "Skipping" to Rope Skipping on the school website  •  Update Principal’s bio information in school website 
• Update General information, Notification and standise the design for the school website
• Create websites for All Departments except Malay dept
• Add in Quick links for parents and staff
• Create a page for CCE in school website
• Update Gallery Damai Pri first assembly “Road Safety”
• Update Malay Department webpage
• Update school website – Achievement and Principal motto