• Add in "First Day" in Gallery of "2016"
• Update Calendar for 2016
• Remove all events for 2015 Calendar to save space length
• Update Staff Lists
• Tidy the library of the websites
• Create a 2015 All Staff and classes page for collection purposes (link)
• Update Staff changes made are as follows - 2C– Miss Er Kang Ning; 3C– Mr Eric Tan; 3D– Miss Devaki; 5A– Mr Phoon Peng Yim
• Edit the information for Calendar - remove P1 LJ and change Phototaking from P1 to P6 to P1 & P6 only.
• Insert a New announcement for "the caring teacher award 2015"
• Update CCa 2015 to CCA 2016 deployment
• Insert January Memo
• Update Gallery 2016 with two events "P1 P5 Buddy" & "Road Safety Walk"
• Remake and remove all pictures from Gallery 2016 
• Update Gallery with Dates
• Remove "no picture" for achievement page
• Add in a school schedule under parent's 
notification page
• Add in "Prefect Investiture" in gallery
• Add in streetdirection widget in contact us

• Update Calendar event
• Create 2016 Achievement 
• Update and Correct SEd page - Update from 2015, and change the dates 
• insert Holistic Assessment pages for P1, P2, P3 and P4
• Update Calendar event on 3rd week of Feb
• Replaced all the words "pupils" to "Students" in every/any page
• Update Dental contact detail
• Remove the Assessment practice in the 
second bullet point under "what our student care centre offers
• Remove the s from Student Care centre 
• Update on the Pri 4 HA
• Added two events in gallery - CNY and Total Defence Day
• Correct one of the teacher class

• Update P1 - 3 teachers' pictures
• Add a page for PSLE examination timetable
• Update Sed page - change the dates 
• Update P2 Peri HA page
• Update pictures for P4 - 6 teachers, EAS and support staff
• Update department photos
• Insert March Memo
• Update Sed page - change the URL
• Update calendar for April

• Update 2016 achievement - rugby and rope skipping
• Remove two announcements from the home page
• Shift HA term 1 into new page, and create four new pages for term 2 - p1,p2,p3 & p4
• Put in new staff pictures and Update 1C teacher list
• Remake Achievement 2016 page
• Update with April Memo
• Replace a newer banner
• Put up Open House banner in the front page

• Update Meet Parent session in Parent notification 
• Update School bookstore timing for June
• Update P5 Camp 
announcement for Parents
• Change the URL of the P5 Camp

• Update a staff retreat 
• Update June Memo and semester 2 calendar

• Update a staff list
• Update a staff with their profile pic
• insert Holistic Assessment pages for P1, P2, P3 and P4
• Add in three moe events to gallery 2016
• Remove three teachers detail from staff list
• Change Mrs Dianne surname to the right one
• insert banner in the home page and will be removed by 20 aug 2016

• Insert Aug Memo 
• Update Calendar of Event
• Insert a notification for Parents on P1 PSLE 2021 scoring
• Insert a banner and 
announcement for P1 PSLE scoring
• Update Calendar of Event until Oct

• Update Achievement page 2016
• Update Principal's message
• Remove an 
announcement and update a new one
• Update Gallery > Teachers' Day Celebration

• Insert a new announcement page for November program update

• Insert a new announcement about Prize giving day
• Add nov memo

• Update school uniform new address