Update teachers by classes
- Add in "First Day" in 2017 Gallery (here)
- Remove all 2016 announcements and notifications and plant under Site history (here)
- Correct 6C and 6D co-form
- Insert Principal's Jan Memo (here)
- Insert School Semester 1 Calendar (here)
- Update Parents Notification posts with an image
- Update MOE Sexuality Education info (here) and (here)  
- Update School calendar of events
- Remove all 2016 Calendar of events
- Update the key personal position (here)
- Remove some of the P4 teachers from 2016 (here)
- Change the words and links under Links for Parents
- Remove most of the older announcements and plant under Site history (here)
- Create a new page for Principal's Monthly Memo (here)
- Correct the standard for School of events
- Update CCA teacher in charge (here)
- Update and create new pages for achievements - General, Academic, Aesthetic and Sports & Games (here)
- Update new school value (here), shift the previous version to history (here)
- Update MOE Sexuality education info and newer PDF
- Add in President's Award for Teacher page (here)
- Change the detail for School bookshop and uniform (here)
- Add in a Holistic assessment plan for P1 and 2 (here)
- Add a timetable page under principal's notification (here)
- Change principal's message  (here)
- Correct the link in the homepage for class timetable (here)
- Add in Pri 3 & 4 for Master plan  (here)
- Update and removed some timetable (here)
- Update timetable with a bigger image size

- Insert a Family@school co-ordinator in School support staff
- Update Student Care Centre COntract number
- Update Department photos to 2017
- Update Event of dates
- Remove Announcement and add in a new announcement for Meet the parents for P3&4
- Shift Chinese, Malay and Tamil language pages to a new page as mother language (here)

- Update Feb and March Memo
- Re-Edit Feb Memo
- Update whatever department detail as much as I can (ICT)(MATH)(PE)(CCE)
- Update CCA pages (redcross)(rugby)
- Update Achievement page (here) and (here)
- Replace school leader picture (here)
- Update school timetable for term 2 (here)
- Create one new page for Environmental Club (here)
- Correct School leader's email address (here)
- Create a page for MTP for P5 & 6 (here)

- Update CCA department (brownies)
- Insert new page for Meet the parents session P3 & 4
- Update ICT page
- Remove and Update P4 teachers
- Add in new page for Merger of schools (here)
- Update Key Personnel
- Update Primary 5 teacher page

- Update Quick Links
- Update LLP and Pal
- Insert May Memo (here)
- INsert Open House page
- Update Aesthetic page
- Update Rope Skiping page

- Damai Buzz Pages inserted

So Sorry I didn't have time updating this page...

- Insert Nov Memo (here)
- Insert P1 Orientation Page (here)
- Change to a new map in general information