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New Training Venue
2018 not only marked an important year for Damai Primary School, but also for our School Floorball CCA, called the Damai Dragons, as we witnessed the unveiling of our new training venue – the Indoor Sports Hall (ISH). The new ISH is huge about the size of four badminton courts. Compared to the previous training venue, our players now have a bigger space to hone their skills. This new bright and airy ISH serves as a conducive environment for our players to train and practice. 

National School Games – National Primary Schools Floorball Championships
Selected players in the CCA are given opportunities to represent the school and compete in the annual National Primary Schools Floorball Championships. The tournament not only serves as a platform for our players to put their floorball skills to the test, but also for them to showcase good sportsmanship and learn to be gracious athletes. This year, the Senior Girls and Senior Boys Teams played against many accomplished and traditionally strong teams. Both teams managed to clinch 3rd placings in their preliminary group match. The teachers and coaches are so proud that our students were able to match up and put up a good fight against the other school teams. Well Done Damai Dragons.
Floorball CCA
With about 90 members (and still growing), Floorball is one of the niche sport in Damai Primary School, with the highest enrolment of students. Floorball remains as one of the most popular CCA in the school since its inception in 2015. Players are given great exposure to the sport as additional afternoon trainings are conducted for players twice a week and they are given the opportunity to participate in friendly matches against other schools. 
Players also have the privilege to train under our in-house coach, Mr Shahizan. He is famously credited for kick-starting several National Floorball Players’ journeys and has led the National Men’s Floorball Team to clinch the prestigious Gold medal at the 2015 SEA Games. Players will also be training under the tutelage of Coach Debbie, who was part of the National Ladies’ Floorball Team that was awarded the SEA Games Gold medal.

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