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2019 Aesthetics

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A Damaian who is passionate about the arts. 


To engage students by creating awareness and interest, and developing passion for the arts through structured programmes or activities.

Long-Term Goals

  1. Students’ aesthetics talents are harnessed and developed further. 
  2. Students’ aesthetics learning and development are holistic. 

Short-Term Goals

  1. Students demonstrate appreciation of the arts and for the performers/artists as an audience.
  2. Students perform before others with confidence.

Key Programmes

List of Programmes
1. Arts@Damai 
2.     Pre-Assembly Programmes
3.    Fun Art
4.     Fun Music
5.     Aesthetics Learning Journey
6.     Outreach to the Community through the Arts
7.     Aesthetics Camp
8.     Interest Elective Programme
9.      P2 Modular Programme for CCA Aesthetics
10.    CCA Aesthetics
11.     CCA Aesthetics Learning Journeys

Photos from the activities

Aesthetics Camp
The Camp was planned as a fun and meaningful escapade for the P5 and P6 students who participated. It was held on the 16th of January 2020. Fitting the theme of ‘Escapade’, the students were engaged in a series of hands-on Art and Music activities which they have not been exposed to in their curriculum. The P5s dabbled with Chinese Brush Painting and Beatboxing, while the P6s explored Mosaic Collage for Art and creating sounds with the timeless Angklung for Music.

2020 02 17 aestheticcamp.jpg

ARTS@Damai is our Pre-Assembly Sharing cum Assembly Programme cum Aesthetics Week. On 13th February 2019, students learnt more about the woodwind and brass instruments of the Western Orchestra at the Pre-Assembly Sharing. Following this, the Philharmonic Winds presented ‘A Singapore Music Tale’ during our Assembly Programme on the 18th February 2019. Students learnt how music and sound effects can create different moods to enhance a story. 

During recess, on the 19th and 20th February, students were taught how to create wind instruments using paper and straws. They made a paper whistle on the 19th and a pan flute on the 20th.

2019 ArtDept02.jpg
Music Jamming @ Damai
ARTS@Damai is our Pre-Assembly Sharing cum On the 21st and 22nd February 2019, our music teachers provided an experiential learning through unstructured play for our students during recess. Various musical instruments were made available in the Performing Arts Centre for students to explore the timbres and how to produce different sounds via task cards. Students were also free to jam together and create their own melodies and rhythms.

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Interest Elective Programme
Interest Elective Programme is mounted to engage the Primary 3 and 4 students. It aims to provide students with the opportunity to discover their interests and develop their talents. For those who have signed up for the IEP programme, they can look forward to some fun and experiential programmes in both the Aesthetics and Sports after school hours. Through structured play and interaction, students learn both interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

In Term 2, P4 students were given the chance to learn the physical, technical, mental and expressive skills necessary for effective performance in the Brazilian Street Percussion. P3 students learnt the basic skills required to perform Sports Stacking confidently and safely while enjoying the sports. They also get to apply leadership skills, school values of honesty, perseverance, respect and kindness through the programme.

Singapore Youth Festival 2019 Art Exhibition
Our students’ artwork ‘Chope Lah!’ under Category B of the Singapore Youth Festival 2019 Art Exhibition has received a Certificate of Recognition. It was created using mixed media. The student artists described how they were inspired by Singaporeans who currently use the tissue pack to reserve (‘chope’) seats. Hence, they have created a huge tissue pack which they designed with a variety of images of artefacts that are special or unique to Singapore.


Another piece of students’ artwork, submitted under Category C, will be featured in a printed catalogue that will be distributed to all schools and art institutions as well as on an online platform. “Money-Go-Round” is a ceramics piece that features different series and denominations of the Singapore currency. The student artists have added a “Damai Note” to represent themselves, the Damaians. They wanted the different notes on a merry-go-round to show how each has played a part to represent Singapore through the years.

Art Outreach at St Luke’s Eldercare (Tampines)
Ten of our Primary 5 students volunteered and went to St Luke’s Eldercare to teach the senior citizens Chinese Brush painting as a way of reaching out to the community through the arts. They applied what they have learnt in the Aesthetics Camp earlier in the year and went through a revision class one week prior to the visit to prepare themselves. They interacted with and painted alongside the senior citizens.