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2019 Mathematics

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Students to be motivated learners, thinkers and peer coaches.


Teachers to teach passionately, imparting the love for the subject to the students.


Differentiated learning
• Learning Support in Mathematics (LSM) for Primary 1 and Primary 2
• Improving Confidence & Achievement in Numeracy (ICAN) programme for Primary 3 to 6
• Remedial programmes for Primary 3 and Primary 4
• Supplementary programmes for Primary 5 and Primary 6

Key Teaching Approaches:
• Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) Approach for building basic concepts
• Formative Assessment (FA) Strategies as milestone checks of students' understanding and mastery of concepts and skills
 • Cooperative Learning Strategies (CLS) for more engaged learning and collaborative work with classmates
 • Self directed learning through the use of ICT such as MC online e-portal, Koobits e-portal, mathematics related websites and Ipads apps