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2019 Science

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Every student an inquiry learner, self-directed and shows care for the environment.


To engage our students by instilling healthy curiosity and a spirit of inquiry, equipping them with knowledge and skills and, imbuing in them the commitment to care for the environment.


Damai Primary School strives to provide our students with authentic learning experiences to generate their interests in Science and hence, build a strong foundation in the subject and achieve excellence. Our teachers build on their learners’ natural curiosity and provide ample opportunities for them to explore Science. Students are engaged in hands-on activities where they learn to develop the necessary skills and processes and understand themselves and their environment better.

Key Science Programme:

P3 Learning Journey to the Zoo
P4  Life Cycle of Mealworms project 
Every Child a Seed Prog by NParks
P5 Hydroponics
P6  Learning Journey to River Safari

Pre-assembly Programmes 

Every alternate weeks, Science teachers share interesting Science videos and information with the school to arouse the students’ interests and curiosity in Science.

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Learning Journeys

P6 Science Learning Journey to River Safari 
The learning journey aimed to raise an awareness on the need for the conservation of wildlife among our students. The learning journey further helped to enrich students’ knowledge on the different types of adaptations of animals. During the journey, Science teachers walked the students through the five exhibits of the different major rivers that can be found in the world and they explored the different species of aquatic animals and plants found in each river.


Environmental Programmes

Recycling Programme
To inculcate the value of care for the environment, the recycling programme carried out every term encourages every Damaians to play an active role in conserving the natural resources. Every term, students from two levels participate in the Newspaper Collection and Recycling Programme. The Green Monitors gather newspaper and used sheets of paper to be weighed. The class that has contributed the greatest load of the mentioned recyclables is named the winning class for the level.


World Water Day
Internationally, World Water Day is held annually on 22 March, a day designated by the United Nations to celebrate the importance of water and the need for conservation. This year, Damai Primary School partnered with PUB on the Singapore World Water Day (SWWD) to spread water conservation messages to our students. 

Over a period of three days, from 9 to 11 April, water conservation exhibition panels and a game booth were set up during recess. Trained Green Ambassadors from the Environmental Club were stationed at the booth and they played their part in explaining to their peers, good water saving habits. They guided the students in playing the water efficient game too! In addition, students also participated in quizzes at the booth which helped to reinforce their learning and they won for themselves attractive prizes.