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A Damaian who is passionate about the arts.


To engage students by creating awareness and interest, and developing passion for the arts through structured programmes or activities.

Long-Term Goals

1. Students’ aptitude and talent in the arts are harnessed and developed further.
2. Students grow in their advocacy for the arts and make contributions to the community through the arts.

Short-Term Goals

1. Students demonstrate appreciation of the arts and appreciation for the performers/artists as an audience. 2. Students perform their art forms / showcase their artworks before others with confidence.


Students’ learning and development in the aesthetics domain are supported through the following platforms:

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Exposure to various art forms:

P5 & P6 Aesthetics Camp held on 16 January 2020 had the Primary 5s dabbling with Chinese Brush Painting and learning how to Beatbox, and the Primary 6s exploring Mosaic Collage and creating timeless music with the Angklung. The Aesthetics Camp was planned with the theme ‘Escapade’ in mind, taking students on an adventure in a fun and meaningful way, giving them the hands-on experience in art forms that they have not been exposed to in their formal art and music curriculum.

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Nurturing confident individuals through performance opportunities:
Performance by students for students – Talentime @ Damai – was held during all three recesses on 9 March 2020 to allow our aspiring artistes to showcase their talents. Some gave solo performances, some performed in groups. They sang, danced, played music instruments, beatboxed, performed magic show, etc. Students who were the audience showed their appreciation for their schoolmates with rousing applause and cheers. 

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Levelling up students’ skills
Programme for Active Learning, also known as PAL in short, engages both the Primary 1 and 2 students in experiential learning to acquire a range of skills, including the aesthetics domain, namely, visual art and performing arts.

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Art Enrichment – Special project 
Sand Art Workshop to prepare students for a sand art performance.

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