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Confident students who are competent users of the English Language

Mission/ Goals

The EL department aims to instill the love for language and create an EL culture by:
      • providing  opportunities to students to develop their oracy and communication skills 
      • integrating the different components of EL and deepening their experiences  through contextualisation and
      • inculcating good reading habits through the reading programmes


The EL department aims to achieve its goals through planned school – wide reading programmes.

Reading Programmes:
1) READ (Read Enjoy Appreciate Discover) Programme 
Every term, students get to bring home a select choice of books to read.  These books include award winning titles such as Toto Chan, or popular classics like Treasure Island. Through pre and post reading activities, students will discover and appreciate a wide variety of book genres, writing styles and writers. 
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2) AVID Readers’ Programme 
To promote the love of reading, awards will handed out every semester to recognise avid book readers. Students are encouraged to set a target of the number of books they aspire to read every semester in a card and strive towards achieving it.

3)    STELLAR Reading journals
The department collaborated with NLB in a programme where students are encouraged to borrow and read books found in the journals. Students then choose selected activities such as a book review or character study to complete after reading the books.  These books are linked to the STELLAR themes and can be found both in the school library and the National library.

Primary 1 STELLAR Acitivity
Giving out ingredients.JPG Our sandwiches.JPG Sandwich making in progress 1.JPG
 Giving out ingredients  Our sandwiches  Sandwich making in progress 1
Sandwich making in progress 2.JPG Teacher demonstrating how to spread butter.JPG
Sandwich making in progress 2  Teacher demonstrating how to spread butter

P2 STELLAR Activity
Storytelling session in the Bedok Library.jpg Tour in the new library in the Bedok Heartbeat.jpg Using magnets to make a fishing game - Magnetic Max.jpg
 Storytelling session in the Bedok Library  Tour in the new library in the Bedok Heartbeat Using magnets to make a fishing game (Magnetic Max)
Walk around the Bedok Town Centre - Chinese New Year Bazaar.jpg Walk around the Bedok Town Centre - Sale of live seafood.jpg Walk around the Bedok Town Centre.jpg
Walk around the Bedok Town Centre (Chinese New Year Bazaar)
Walk around the Bedok Town Centre (Sale of live seafood)
Walk around the Bedok Town Centre

4) Termly library activities for the levels 
Students participate in activities that are based on themes. The activities encourage them to make use of books from the library and the completed pieces are featured in the library.

5) What’s Up newspapers for P4 – P6
To help students become informed and responsible citizens, every child will get their hands on a What’s Up newspaper. They will discuss selected articles with their teachers and complete related activities. Through this approach, students can keep in touch with current affairs and be exposed to global issues beyond their school and home environment.
20180329_080330.jpg 20180329_080341.jpg 20180329_080428.jpg

For selected students
1) Myon (online library with a literacy toolkit)
To nurture their love of reading, we have introduced a new personalised digital library filled with thousands of digital books. This online literacy program recommends students books that match their interests and reading level. These books filled with colorful graphics and lively text, are accompanied with reading support such as highlighting, drawing tool, and dictionaries. Students can access these books from home too.
20180329_115524.jpg 20180329_115338.jpg 20180329_115547.jpg

2) I Love Literature
To help students appreciate literary elements at a young age, we have introduced I Love Literature, a literature programme that helps students enjoy novels, deepen comprehension skills and explore character traits and values. The literature texts selected for study cover a rich variety of themes and genres that encourage critical thinking skills and discussions among students.

Other EL Programmes 
1)    Speech and Drama
The speech and drama programme for the P1s to P4s are an extension of the curriculum. It provides a platform for students to express themselves and learn to speak with confidence.
The Grouchy Ladybug.jpg Tongue Twisters.jpg
The Grouchy Ladybug  Tongue Twisters

2) Oral Enrichment for P6
P6 students undergo an oral enrichment programme which has been differentiated according to abilities. This is to help them hone their communication skills and prepare for the upcoming PSLE examinations.

3) English Week (Learning week)
With a week filled with fun-filled assembly talks and shows, NLB collaborated reading activities and engaging English classroom activities, the EL department strives to instil the love of learning of English in students.  This yearly event never fails to celebrate how English can be creatively and conveniently used in students’ daily speech or writing.