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Students to be motivated learners, thinkers and peer coaches.


Teachers to teach passionately, imparting the love for the subject to the students.


Differentiated learning
• Learning Support in Mathematics (LSM) for Primary 1 and Primary 2
• Improving Confidence & Achievement in Numeracy (ICAN) programme for Primary 3 to 5
• Remedial programmes for Primary 1 to Primary 2
• Supplementary programmes for Primary 3 and Primary 6
• P3 to P6 Mathematics Enrichment Programmes

Key Teaching Approaches:
• Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) Approach for building basic concepts
• Formative Assessment (FA) Strategies as milestone checks of students' understanding and mastery of concepts and skills
 • Cooperative Learning Strategies (CLS) for more engaged learning and collaborative work with classmates
 • Self directed learning through the use of ICT such as MC online e-portal, Koobits e-portal, mathematics related websites and Ipads apps

Cooperative Learning Strategies_Students at work.JPG CPA approach_Students at work.JPG Experiential Learning_Students at work.jpg Koobits Jan 18 Winners.jpg Learning using Ipads_Students at work.JPG
 Cooperative Learning Strategies Students at work CPA approach Students at work  Experiential Learning Students at work   Koobits Jan 18 Winners  Learning using Ipads Students at work
Maths Assembly Talk (2).JPG Maths Assembly Talk (3).JPG Maths Assembly Talk.JPG Maths Assembly Talk_Recess Activity.JPG NMOS Winners.jpg
Maths Assembly Talk Maths Assembly Talk  Maths Assembly TalkMaths Assembly Talk Recess Activity  NMOS Winners
Student using Koobits.jpg Use of Concrete materials (2).JPG Use of Concrete materials.jpg
Use of Cooperative Learning Strategy.JPG Use of Factual Fluency Cards as a Formative Learning Strategy.JPG
Student using Koobits  Use of Concrete materials Use of Concrete materials   Use of Cooperative Learning Strategy Use of Factual Fluency Cards as a Formative Learning Strategy