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Mother Tongue

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MT a Living Language

Mission/ Goals

Develop proficient users who can communicate effectively in real contexts and active learners who appreciate their cultural heritage

Key Programmes

Holistic Assessment
Holistic Assessment (HA) is carried out from P1 - P5 to provide students with enhanced learning experience. Curriculum is customised to place emphasis on the development of all four language competencies: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Timely feedback and feed forward are given and serves to guide pupils towards improving themselves constantly. In particular, guided reading activities are carried out as part of P3 – P4 HA to develop in students an interest for reading as well as to impart speaking, reading and writing skills.

Enrichment Programmes
Enrichment programmes are organised for students so as to enhance their learning of the Mother Tongue Languages (MTLs) and to realise their potential to achieve excellence in the MT subjects. Besides the language aspect, there are also programmes to allow students to gain a better appreciation of their cultures. 

Broadcast Journalism
The programme is conducted during Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons and provides opportunities for P5 students to learn through social interaction with their peers, teachers and school staff. Through the programme, students will learn:
o The importance of keeping abreast of contemporary issues;
o Etiquette of interviewing; and
o Journalist techniques e.g. question design, storyboarding, script writing, etc.

Speech and Drama
P2 students get to go through the Speech and Drama programme for about a term and through this programme, students learn moral values through role-playing, as well as pick up speech and performing skills. 

- Reading Programmes
Various reading activities and programmes are carried out to cultivate in students the passion for reading of MT books e.g. Extensive Reading Programme (Malay Language and Tamil Language), newspapers reading and sharing of articles (Tamil Language), reading of student magazines (Chinese Language), etc. 

- MT Fiesta
Language and cultural activities are organised during the MT Fiesta which spans over a fortnight to create an environment conducive to MTL usage and learning. Recess activities which are open to all allow for cross-cultural learning.

- Language and Cultural Camps/ Learning Journeys
Each year, Learning Journeys (LJs) and/ or cultural camps are organised to provide students with opportunities to engage in cultural activities so as to gain a deeper understanding of their own cultural roots and values.

- Others
- P6 Morning Oral Programme (Term 2)
- Remedial/ Supplementary Lessons for P3 – P6 Students
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