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Every student an inquiry learner, self-directed and shows care for the environment.


To engage our students by instilling healthy curiosity and a spirit of inquiry, equipping them with knowledge and skills and, imbuing in them the commitment to care for the environment.


Damai Primary School strives to provide our students with authentic learning experiences to generate their interests in Science and hence, build a strong foundation in the subject and achieve excellence. Our teachers build on their learners’ natural curiosity and provide ample opportunities for them to explore Science. Students are engaged in hands-on activities where they learn to develop the necessary skills and processes and understand themselves and their environment better.


1. Environment activities/workshop
3. HBL – projects assigned by the different levels
4. HBL – tools used and lessons


Northeast Green Adventure Workshop for P2 (on 19th Feb)

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Storytelling and games on the topic of ‘Energy Efficiency’ were carried out in each of the classes. Students learnt energy saving tips as they tried to unfold the game cards to find the matching pairs.

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The P2 students worked collaboratively in small groups and created energy-saving mazes using recyclables. This taught Damaians how to recognise energy-saving appliances and the activity cultivated in them the habit of conserving energy. Guided by the volunteers from NECDC, they certainly have enjoyed themselves!

DPS 2020 STEM Project Investigating the Rate of Plant Growth - by members of the Environmental Club

The project initiated by Mr Foo CH and Mr Anson Teo was trialed with the members of the Environmental Club during CCA periods in Term 1.

The students harnessed ICT and undertook a research to learn more about the diversity of plants, plant growth and care. The teachers walked the students through the investigative methods, taught them how to sieve out information from articles and websites. Guided by the teachers, the students then embarked on designing various models of pots that could be used to improve plant growth. Mathematical concepts and skills were weaved in to extend and make the students' learning more authentic.

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Home-based Learning Science Projects P6 - Energy & Forces: Let’s create a toy!

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Aniq Marteen of Primary 6C created a simple toy based on a lesson on Energy and Forces which his teacher had assigned him during the Full Home-Based Learning. He submitted a video recording of him playing with his toy and explained the concepts applied for the toy to work. Well done Aniq!

P5 – Water Conservation Posters

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