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Homework Policy 2020

General Guidelines on Homework

Definition of Homework

Homework refers to any learning activity that schools require students to complete outside of curriculum time, regardless of the mode of delivery (i.e. pen-and-paper, virtual/online).  This includes assignments and projects but not revision of school work or studying for tests and examinations. 

Objectives of Homework

Effective use of Homework can help students to
reinforce learning and deepen understanding of lessons taught
allow students to regularly practise, and apply skills and concepts taught
develop good study skills and habits 
encourage greater ownership and responsibility for independent/self-directed learning

Students’ Role

Students should:
Understand the purpose of homework and what is expected of them
keep track of homework instructions and deadlines
manage time well to ensure that homework is completed and submitted on time
organise their school materials: study notes, assignments, books, papers, etc.  for revision
give his/ her best effort in completing homework
seek help from teachers, classmates or friends when they face difficulty
review feedback from teachers on homework submitted
complete corrections independently to reinforce learning after explanation by teachers

Develop Good Study Habits

write down homework/assignment updates in student’s handbook 
have a home study timetable
have a study area, away from household distractions
have sufficient study materials to do their homework

Long Term Benefits

With regular revision through Homework, students will:
practise self-discipline and time management
be more inquisitive
be more independent
be better problem solvers
>> All the above will result in good study habits and skills as well as improving their attitude towards school.

Monitoring of Homework

Monitoring of Homework can provide parents with:
timely information on the learning progress of the child
opportunities to be involved in their child’s learning

Parents’ Role

Parents can do the following to supervise their children homework:
To create a home environment conducive for studying and completion of homework
To guide and reinforce good study habits and attitudes
To refer to the student’s handbook daily for updates on homework/assignment/feedback
To spend time to go through the child’s school work
To help the child to learn through homework assignments
To consult teachers on the child’s progress
To be mindful of the stresses arising from school homework and out-of-school activities, and help the child to prioritise his/her time among these activities
To ensure that homework is done before their tuition work
Not to do the homework for their children  

Primary 1 & Primary 2

Daily reading for enjoyment
Either English, Mathematics and/or Mother Tongue homework

Primary 3 - Primary 6

Daily reading for enjoyment
English, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue homework