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Principal's Message

Welcome to our new Damai Primary campus.

We have come far in these three years. Guided by a clear sense of purpose, the staff focuses on our students’ needs, devoting time and effort not only in helping the students to build a solid foundation in numeracy and literacy but also in values, in sports, in aesthetics and in leadership. Our good holistic outcomes have won us the trust of parents and stakeholders as a school which enables each student to achieve his or her best.

Damai Primary’s culture of Care and Distinction are anchored on the values of SPARK – HoneSty, Perseverance, Appreciation, Respect and Kindness. We are always mindful that each student is different and that each student will grow and learn in a positive nurturing environment, discovering the joy of learning and their passion in overcoming new challenges. Our two Learning for Life programmes in Aesthetics and Team Sports are examples of how we encourage students to explore new interests and strengths, practise values and leadership through collaboration.

The new school buildings are exciting and inspiring to both the school and the community. Built on the vision of being “The school within a park and a park within the school”, it has views from all vantages as it seamlessly integrates itself into the greenery and the surrounding community. The interesting play of space and light in each room and zone embodies the school’s belief that learning is not confined within walls but can be brought and integrated with nature and the community. It further strengthens our image as a safe and inclusive school. It also symbolises our hope and aspirations for the future.

We look forward to 2019 when we can share our wonderful campus with East Coast Primary.

Mrs Lay See Neufeld
Damai Primary School
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Educational Experience

        • B A (Hons)
          University of Adelaide, Australia
          Colombo Plan Scholarship
        • Postgrad Cert in Education
          University of London, UK
          Singapore Government Scholarship
        • M Ed (Curriculum Studies)
          University of Toronto, Canada
          Commonwealth Scholarship & Fellowship Plan

Professional Experience

Damai Primary School
Kheng Cheng School
Tampines North Primary School
Assistant Director
Ministry of Education
Specialist Inspector Of English
Ministry of Education
Raffles Junior College