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Principal's Message

Welcome to Damai Primary School! 

Our warmest greetings to everyone and best wishes to all for a wonderful and fulfilling new year!

2020 marks our concerted efforts in striving to nurture and empower every Damaian to learn, grow, and lead so that all Damaians are able to fulfil our new vision of ‘Confident Individuals, Thinking Learners, Engaged Leaders’. 

In Damai Primary School, we warmly embrace every child and welcome them onto our family. We believe that every Damaian can learn, grow and lead, and every Damaian wants and can succeed! Through our culture of care and distinction, we focus on 5 key domains: Cognitive, Physical, Aesthetics, Social and Moral, to nurture all Damaians holistically and be ready for the future.

Our new vision encapsulates the shared student outcomes we hope to see in our Damaians after their six years with Damai Primary. Our aspiration is for Damaians to be ‘Confident Individuals’ who demonstrate SPARK values, communicate effectively and want to make a difference. As ‘Thinking Learners’, Damaians will think critically and innovatively, and learn collaboratively. As ‘Engaged Leaders’, Damaians will care and have the courage to want to contribute. All Damaians will continue to be guided by SPARK values in all they do:

Sincerity to self and others 
Passion towards learning 
Aspiration to succeed 
Resilience in life
Kindness to all

As school and staff, we continue to be guided by a clear sense of purpose to provide a holistic student-centric, values-driven education to prepare our students for life. We will devote time and effort to help them build a solid foundation in numeracy and literacy, to be grounded in values, and develop skills in sports, aesthetics and leadership. Acknowledging that every Damaian is unique, we strive to enable each to grow and learn in a positive nurturing environment, discover the joy of learning and nurture their passion in overcoming new challenges. By forging strong partnership and close collaboration with parents and stakeholders, we are confident that every Damaian will be able to achieve his or her best in all that he or she undertakes.

One Team, One Vision
Together, We Achieve More!

We look forward to an exciting and enriching 2020 for our Damaians.

Mrs Jenny Leong
 2019 Mrs Jenny Leong.JPG