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Uniform & Attire

Prescribed Uniform and Appearance

  • Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and the school PE attire. Modifications to the uniform are not allowed.
  • Students should wear their name tags at all times.
  • Students may come to school in their PE attire on days they have PE lessons and CCAs.
  • PE T-shirts must be TUCKED IN neatly.

Damai Pri New Uniform

new Uniform-1.pngNew UNiform-2.png

General Attire

Hair (Boys)
  • Hair must be short and neat. No fancy hair-cuts (eg. extreme contrasts in lengths or patterns).
  • Fringe should not touch the eyebrows.
  • Hair should not touch the collar of the school uniform and/or cover the ears.
  • Tinting and highlighting of the hair is not allowed.
  • Facial hair such as beards, long sideburns or moustaches are not allowed.

Hair (Girls)
  • Hair should be neat and tidy.
  • Fringe should not touch the eyebrows.
  • Long hair must be tied up neatly with a black or blue ribbon.
  • Tinting and highlighting of the hair are not allowed.

UNiform info.pngPE-attire info.png


  • Only white canvas shoes and white socks are allowed.
  • NO ankle socks.


  • Jewellery and accessories apart from a watch are strictly NOT allowed. Only simple ear studs for girls.
  • No religious ornaments should be worn.