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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Learning for Life Programme  - Sports

D'COACH programme is a school-wide values-based programme based on the core belief that sporting excellence and character development are inextricably linked.

It seeks to provide opportunities and platforms for all students to be exposed to team sports that will equip them with attributes, competencies and the confidence to be sporty team players.

It aims to not only develop the students' talents and potential to excel in team sports but at the same time, instil valuable character traits and core values.

The D'COACH programme adopts a blended approach that integrates the instructional, co-curricular, school and specialised programmes.

D'COACH uses an inclusive 3-tired approach consisting of: Display, Development and Distinction which will ensure every P1-P6 student is involved in team sports, is meaningfully engaged and his/her talent is fully maximised through the 6 years at Damai Primary School.

Learning for Life Programme - Aesthetics

D’AESTHETICS programme seeks to enthuse our students to be engaged and enriched in the Aesthetics education to develop good values, specific skills and competencies in various art forms and performances, and to promote social integration and racial harmony in the Damai Primary community.

Our aim is to be inclusive, ensuring that our students who may have different prior experiences, abilities, interests and competencies, are exposed to a wide-range of experiential and authentic learning. There are four levels of engagement: school-wide programmes, level-wide programmes, interest-based programmes and talent development programmes for those who are talent-identified.

The rationale for the four levels of engagement is to provide the breadth of experiences for our students. In each levels of engagement, D’AESTHETICS programme also provides increasing depth of learning – beginning with exposure, moving on to experiential, then to enrichment and for selected groups to talent development.
D’AESTHETICS programme spans across Music curriculum, Art curriculum, CCA Aesthetics as well as during and after-school, and out of school Aesthetics curriculum/activities/events, including school events.