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Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

About PAL

PAL aims to nurture our students' desire to learn, be engaged in and enjoy what they learn, and to develop a sense of competence and confidence in a fun and enjoyable way. Our students are given a range of learning experiences to help develop the soft skills like how to communicate clearly and cooperate with others, having a curiosity about their environment, and accomplishing tasks or dealing with challenges. PAL also provides the opportunities for our students to develop social and emotional competencies.

PAL @ Damai Schedule 2018

Primary 1 (Tuesday 11:40am - 1:40pm)

Visual ArtsSports and Games
Performing ArtsOutdoor Education
Terms 1
(Week 6 to 10)
Terms 2
(Week 1 to 8)
Term 3
(Week 1 to 9)
Terms 3 & 4
(Term 3 Week 10 to Term 4 Week 6)

Primary 2(Wednesday 11:40am - 1:40pm)

Outdoor EducationPerforming ArtsSports & Games
Term 1 & 2
(Term 1 Week 5 to
Term 2 Week 1)
Terms 2
(Week 2 to 10)
Term 3
(Week 1 to 8)

Primary One PAL 2018

Primary One students had weekly PAL lessons on Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Sports & Games and Outdoor Education.
In working and playing together, students displayed SPARK values and were able to reflect on what they had learnt.

Visual Arts Performing Arts
1B Group photo 1.jpeg 2018 07 31 performing art (1).jpg
1B Group photo 5.jpeg 2018 07 31 performing art (7).jpg
Outdoor Education  Sports and Games
IMG_8812.JPG WhatsApp Image 2018-10-19 at 12.44.41 PM.jpeg2018 05 15 p1 pal sports and games (5).JPG
IMG_8807.JPG  IMG_8848.JPGIMG_8844.JPG


The module for P2 PAL in Term 1 was on Outdoor Education. Students learnt how to waterproof objects, read a compass and build a tent. 

2018 04 04 P2 Pal PA (2).JPG2018 04 04 P2 Pal PA (5).JPG
2018 02 11 P2 Pal OE (4).jpg2018 02 11 P2 Pal OE (29).jpg